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Geon Tile Warranty

Geon Tile (GT) products contain the highest quality raw materials and are manufactured under strict conditions of quality control. GT cleaners are warranted to conform to manufacturing specifications for a period of one year from initial delivery when stored in conditions greater than 0°C. and below 32°C. GT’s encaustic cement tile sealer is warranted to conform to the manufacturing specifications for a period of six months from initial delivery when stored in conditions greater than 0° C and below 32°C. No warranty or affirmation of fact, express or implied, other than as set forth in this limited warranty is made by GT regarding its product(s). This limited warranty only applies to products purchased directly from GT. GT expressly disclaims all express and/or implied warranties for its product(s) that are not purchased directly from GT or are resold to or by third parties.

Due to the possibility of improper application, adverse surface or climactic conditions beyond our control, users of GT products shall make their own determinations, based on their own tests, as to the suitability of the product(s) for the intended purposes. GT hereby expressly disclaims any liability for claims that are due to product misuse, improper product selection, misapplication of product(s), substrate selection and preparation, environmental conditions and any failure to observe safety precautions. GT hereby disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose regarding any product.

GT shall have no liability for consequential, incidental and/or special damages regarding the sale or use of a product even if the potential for such damages has been disclosed to Geon Tile Ltd. GT’s liability for product claims is limited to only replacement, at the option of GT or refund of the purchase price of the product applied per most current published directions. GT’s liability shall not exceed the purchase price paid for the product and shall not include any special incidental or consequential losses or damages resulting from selection, use, installation, handling, care of or replacement of the product(s). The limited warranty does not include labor or the cost of labor for application.

Should a claim be asserted against GT by any party who did not purchase products directly from GT, GT shall be indemnified and held harmless by the party who did purchase the products directly from GT, including the reasonable attorneys’ fees, costs and disbursements incurred by GT in its defence of any said claim. This indemnification shall not be deemed or in any manner expand or create a greater obligation on the part of GT than that set forth in this Limited Warranty.

Use constitutes acceptance. It is the buyer’s responsibility to inspect materials prior to installation.

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Geon Tile Warranty