Oceanside Glass

Muse: Rainbow

$526.42 / Box


$49.50 / sq.ft


Smooth edge, Double Pressed, Cast Glass Mounted Sheets with Paper Facing. Muse is a chameleon collection featuring a variety of sizes and shapes to mirror any aesthetic style. From eclectic motifs to simple patterns, colors are freely translated through the design story to create your perfect look.
*10.63477 sq.ft per Box
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Where and how to use

Interior floor
Floor traffic: Heavy
Commercial: Yes
Interior wall
Fireplace surround
Stove backsplash
Sink backsplash
Tub surround
Radiant heat compatible: Yes
Freeze-thaw rated: No
Steam shower: Yes
Exterior wall: No
Exterior floor: No

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All orders are shipped securely on pallets and shipping is arranged with tail-lift delivery. This means that your tile will be delivered to your shipping address packaged as one and delivered curbside (you will need to move your tile inside).

Typical lead time for in-stock tile is 30 days based on current LTL shipping Canada-wide. International shipments please allow 40 days.

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Where and how it’s made

All Oceanside glass tile is made primarily from silica sand, an abundant natural resource, and recycled content that may include pre-consumer and/or post-consumer recycled bottle glass from curbside recycling programs.
As a non-porous surface, glass inhibits mold, mildew, and bacteria, and is considered a hypoallergenic material.


Natural variations will occur in your tile; colour shade, and other small imperfections are all to be expected. These variations contribute to their appeal without compromising the performance and integrity of the tile. We offer all our customers free samples to ensure they are getting exactly what is presented in the online store.

If you are at all unsure about the colour, style or shape of a tile, be sure to request a sample prior to ordering. Your order will show up matched to the sample sent to you, within the allotted colour variations that come with Oceanside Glass tiles.

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Installation and maintenance

Part of the Geon Tile brand promise is a risk reduced installation for your tile investment. We’ve put together a comprehensive library of instructions and tutorial videos to ensure your project goes smooth. Find everything you’re looking for here.

Once sealed properly, maintaining your glass tile install is easy and requires minimal effort to keep your surface looking beautiful for years to come.