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Big CirqueSquare Cement Tile

25.02 / sq.ft 13.2 / sq.ft OR 10.78 / tile 5.688 / tile

8" x 8" x 5/8"

The Big Cirque's clean lines, gentle organic curves, graphic patterning, and bold, colour make a statement. Big Cirque looks best in a larger space where the pattern can have room to breathe and repeat.

Color: Sapphire/White




Tesselation Inspirations

Product Specs

Avoid delays and additional costs by ensuring the appropriate number of tiles are ordered. Industry guidelines state that at least 15% overage should be added to each order to account for cuts, possible breakage and contingency for future repairs. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you make certain you have enough tile for your project. Guide Me

There is a great deal that goes into manufacturing encaustic cement tile. They are handmade, one at a time, using materials and techniques that have been around for hundreds of years. Geon Tile is committed to measuring and reporting on the impact these processes have on our people and planet.Find out more about our social and environmental certifications and what goes into making beautiful Geon cement tiles. Our Commitment

Encaustic cement tile is heavy and getting it to your doorstep requires special considerations for shipping and delivery. To make sure your expectations are met and that you are properly prepared, we’ve assembled a thorough shipping and delivery guide. Shipping Expectations

What makes encaustic cement tile so appealing and honest is that each piece is individually handmade. As such, each piece cannot be made identical, as if it were from a machine churning out repeatable parts. Natural variations will occur in your tile; colour shade, fine cracks and other small imperfections are all to be expected. These variations contribute to their appeal without compromising the performance and integrity of the tile. We offer all our customers free samples to ensure they are getting exactly what is presented in the online store. If you are at all unsure about the colour, style or shape of a tile, be sure to request a sample prior to ordering. We guarantee that your order will show up matched to the sample sent to you, within the allotted colour variations that come with Geon encaustic cement tiles. Limited Warranty

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Designed Locally

Geon Tile is proudly designed right here in Canada. Our design team draws on inspiration from the natural world, classic styles and various epochs. Staying true to our core design principles ensures we create attractive tiles and patterns that don’t bow to trends and endure as timeless works of art. .

Designed in Canada

Ho Chi Min

Made in Vietnam

When the decision was made to launch Geon Tile, we searched and researched the top manufacturing regions of cement encaustic tile. What we brought home from our travels was an understanding that the Vietnam held a level of expertise unparalleled by others. We have established a manufacturing supply chain in a region with a history of making tile, allowing Geon Tile to deliver the best possible value to our customers.