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Tile Hero Kit

Get started the Geon way!

Make it easy on yourself and avoid multiple trips to the hardware store looking for quality products and tools. Geon Tile has assembled the Tile Hero installation kit to save you time and ensure you have right equipment to install your boxes of beauty. Each Tile Hero kit contains everything you need to finish your encaustic cement project in any application. All components of the kit are brand new. Each Kit includes:

  • 2-5 gallon pails
  • 1-measure tape
  • 1-pencil
  • 1-2’ level
  • 1-mixing paddle
  • 1-sponge
  • 1-grout float
  • 500- 1/8” spacers
  • 1-roller with 4” foam sleeve
  • 1-roller tray with extra 4”sleeve
  • 1-pair rubber gloves
  • 2”x5” margin trowel
  • 1/4”x1/4”x3/8” notched trowel
  • 1-4 1/2” diamond cutting wheel
  • 2-sheets 120 grit sandpaper