Geon Tile Design Hero

Tile Accessory
$129 / Item


You've found it! Arguably the best deal on the entire Geon Tile website, we're excited to offer up customers an opportunity to tap into the design services at Geon Tile. Let our in-house team help you turn your ideas and inspirations into reality by leveraging thousands of colour and pattern combinations. The best part - when you place your order with Geon Tile you are credited the fee of this package against your order*.


The Design Hero package includes the following:

  1. Final 2D Drawing of Tile Installation
    1. Initial Concept: Includes three (3) 2D drawings of design options
    2. 1st Revision: Includes one (1) revised 2D drawing of customers’ selected option
    3. 2nd Revision (Final): Includes one (1) final revised 2D drawing of customers’ selected option
  2. List of the tiles used in your design for easy shopping online or at your nearest Geon Tile dealer.
  3. Recommendations and specifications for grout colour and type.
  4. Summary of all other tools and materials required to complete your project.
  5. Detailed installation instructions.


In a hurry to get your project started? Our designers will work diligently to complete your design in four (4) business days. Any additional time that may occur due to customers’ lag in communication will increase the total timeline. Here’s what to expect:

  • Initial Concept: 2 business days
  • 1st Revision: 1 business day
  • 2nd Revision (Final): 1 business day


The Design Hero process has been streamlined to be effective and smooth:

  1. Submit design intake form. You will be emailed a link to an online form in which all required information for the in-house design team at Geon Tile will be collected. In this step, dimensions, photos, sketches and your favourite Geon Tile(s) will be gathered so your designer can get to work.
  2. Concept design. Over the following two days, your designer will work to create three distinct concepts using the information provided. You will be emailed a link to review and comment on the initial concepts.
  3. Initial revision. In this step, the three design options will be narrowed to one working concept. Using the feedback and comments, your Geon Tile designer will provide a revised concept. You will be emailed a link to review and comment on the revised concept.
  4. Final revision. Using the feedback and comments from the revised design, your Geon Tile designer will provide a final concept. This final 2D drawing package will have all the required information to purchase your tile and the specifications you will need to hire your tile contractor.

Project Credit

* Rebate on purchase

You will be sent a promo code with your final design. When you are ready to move forward with your Geon Tile project, apply the promo code to your order and receive:
  1. A $129 rebate (full $129 Design Hero fee) on all orders over $600.
  2. For orders over $350, you will receive a rebate $69.