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It's easy to make a buck or two at the expense of people and planet, but it takes hard work to make a difference. We’re not afraid of hard work.

Dennis Cuku, Co-Founder, Geon Tile

Carrying Garbage Bags

Geon Gives

We believe that it is the responsibility of those who “have” to care for those who have not. From the beginning, Geon Tile has been committed to sharing our success both at home and abroad. We are built around a core belief that Giving is Receiving. Through our philanthropic program Geon Gives, we enthusiastically shed 10% of our annual net profits to projects that have a positive impact. Our focus for giving is determined based on direction from our employees, suppliers and customers – so thank you for helping us make a difference!

Geon Tile Factory

Social Responsibility

Transparency, traceability and equality are at the heart of Geon Tile. Our factories are required to meet the internationally recognized standard set forth by Initiative for Compliance and Sustainability (ISC) in their Social Code of Conduct.

The beauty of our customers’ installations will never come by way of exploitation or discrimination. For more information on our standards, please see the ICS Social Code of Conduct Here.

birds eye view of a vietnam landscape

Environment Impact

Geon Tile has partnered with Climate Smart for accurate measurement, reporting and certification as we work diligently to minimize our footprint and fulfill our commitment to achieving carbon neutrality. Yeah … we’re really doing it. And we will do so by way of reductions that are real, permanent and verified – generating carbon offsets to account for the emissions of our operations and logistics.

When choosing Geon Tile you can open the box on your doorstep with even greater satisfaction knowing that the environmental impact of each tile is fully accounted for and offset.