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Geon Design in Product

About Us

The Geon Tile Story

Meet Aaron and Chelsea Brown. In 2011, they opened a boutique tile shop called River City Tile Company in Edmonton, Alberta. It was quaint and inviting—and destined for bigger things. With a customer-centric approach, strong knowledge base and meticulously curated product selection, Aaron and Chelsea’s venture quickly became a mainstay in the tile market.

Hailed for bringing encaustic cement tile to their local market, Aaron and Chelsea grew increasingly frustrated with wait times and the lack of options available – so they did something about it. Aaron and Chelsea were inspired and began to design their own tile line and it quickly evolved into Geon Tile. To bring their fresh and modern designs to life, they teamed up with their business Sherpa, Dennis Cuku, and the Geon Tile Crew was born. After touring world-leading tile manufacturing facilities in Vietnam, Aaron, Chelsea and Dennis selected a production partner with a rich history and commitment to sustainable and ethical manufacturing.

And that brings us to today.

We are proud to have created a line of tile that includes familiar classics and a full collection of new looks. We have met the market need for a beautiful, handmade and sustainable choice that is designed in Canada.

Chelsea Brown, Co-Founder, Geon Tile

Our Team

We're a team of makers, thinkers, designers and tile aficionados. We approach work and play with zeal and curiosity, using our experience and expertise to create well-designed products that connect with people, just like you. We show up each day, and in our own way, to help you build a more beautiful world.

Designed In Canada

Geon Tile is proudly designed right here in Canada. Our design team draws on inspiration from the natural world, classic styles and various epochs. Staying true to our core design principles ensures we create attractive tile and patterns that don’t bow to trends and endure as timeless works of art.

Designed in Canada

Why Vietnam?

When the decision was made to launch Geon Tile, we researched the top manufacturing regions of cement encaustic tile. What we brought home from our travels was an understanding that Vietnam held a level of expertise unparalleled by others. We have established a manufacturing supply chain in a region with a history of making tile, allowing Geon Tile to deliver the best possible value to our customers.